Our mission is to simplify mobile Maximo.

For the past 15 years we’ve been developing and delivering successful mobile Maximo solutions, at scale and across a wide range of industries.

We’ve reflected on that experience, and we have a vision for a simpler, more flexible, more agile mobile Maximo.

Opqo is the realization of that vision.

Simpler from all perspectives.

Delivering a simple to use mobile solution is only the first step. We’re simplifying the entire experience.

Simpler to purchase, deploy and operate.
Simpler to get information and support.
Simpler to adjust based on your business needs.

Worry about your business, not your software.

Maximo is not your business, but it is ours. We are using our years of experience to identify and address the challenges of implementing complex processes in Maximo in a way that makes them simple, approachable and even enjoyable.

All this is so Maximo can support growing and evolving your business and not be an obstacle to it. Not just directly for your Maximo users, but also for your field workers, managers, and administrators.

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Meet the team

Jason VenHuizen


Grahame Low Choy


Jim Ferns

Operations Manager