I'm Opqo.

[ op-koh ]

n. A simpler approach to mobile Maximo.

No upfront project

We think mobility for IBM® Maximo® shouldn’t require a huge upfront effort, risk, or commitment.

With Opqo, start small with zero upfront costs or commitment, then only pay for what you use.

Up and running in minutes

With nothing to install, simply download the app, tell Opqo your Maximo server name, login, and Opqo handles the rest.

Opqo configures Maximo automatically, in just a few minutes, so you can get going right away.

Configure for now, and later

Your business doesn’t stop improving and neither should your mobile.

Configure Opqo to meet your needs now and re-configure as your needs change.

Deploy, use, adjust, improve.

Work orders,

The most relevant details at a glance.

  • Process-oriented
  • Clearly organized work activities
  • Context-based information
  • Supports role-based layouts

Opqo provides a simple yet effective format for getting vital information to your personnel in the field.

But not simplistic.

Access detail when you need it.

Deployment, simplified.

Cross Platform

Native applications on iOS and Android, phone and tablet.

Maintenance free

Maintenance is on us.
Updates and new features are regularly released.

Online first

Automatically retrieve the latest data as you navigate.
No waiting for updates.

Offline capable

Automatically caches data locally for offline use.
Queues updates until you re-connect.

But still powerful.

Every screen in Opqo can be assembled from our growing library of process-driven widgets.

Assigned work

Work organization



Child work orders

Issue Reporting

Quick Reporting

Work map

ArcGIS® map


Work schedule

Time tracking

Meter Readings

Failure Reporting

Work Order Materials

Work Logs


Inventory Issue

Inventory Return

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Receive

Inventory Browse

Inventory Count

Inventory Count Books

Barcode scanning

Label Printing

More added every month

Satisfaction, simplified.

Breedon went from being introduced to Opqo to running a proof of concept in less than 1 month, including IT reviews and testing.

Purchasing, simplified.

Try with no commitment.
Flexible subscription, or up-front payment.

Opqo Free


First 5 users

  • All features and updates
  • Support via email
  • Free forever





Per user

  • First 5 users free
  • Only pay for active users
  • No commitment





Per user

  • First 5 users free
  • Up front payment
  • No usage reporting

This is different.

And we think that's important.

Deploy and use today.